Philadelphia Dreaming

I guess you could say that I’m Philadelphia dreaming today. Reading through this morning’s Twitter feed and Facebook posts reminds me that I’m missing the 2011 ACRL Conference taking place this week in Philly. I’ve been ambivalent about this conference in the past for a number of reasons including costs and what I perceived as a lack of diversity conference-to-conference in presentations and programs. And I’m glad I saved my travel funds for other endeavors this year.

After the Seattle ACRL Conference in 2009, I planned on attending ACRL every other conference and planed to sit out this one. At the last minute I submitted a poster presentation and justified going if it was accepted. It was not, and here I sit at work missing the one thing I appreciate about ACRL (and any conference for that matter) — the networking and professional contact. I hope that my friends and acquaintances have a good time in Philly and learn a lot of useful things. I’ll see you all in New Orleans.


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