Social Media and #LIS

Some great thoughts here on the uses of social media in professional development for those working in library and information science from the good folks at Hack Library School.


In library and information science schools we are coming to terms with, well, terms. Lexicons, vocabularies, common jargon sets and search terms are the tools of our trade. So I ask: Have you noticed though how many verbs have been web-born? Or, in the spirit of web 2.0, social web-re-born?

Tweeting, tagging, PMing, following, up-voting, DMing, pinging-back, liking, pinning, digging, starring, etc… They all have new meaning in our social media infused landscape. I’d include “blogging” but that seems like as old a term as “googling.” become part of our international dictionary. While we might know the terms, have a vague sense of what hashtagging is for instance, how does social media intersect with our LIS, MLIS and MSIT pursuits?

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